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Volume 51 (2016)



Banking in Early Franklin County  by Martha Gardner


Vice-President Wheeler: An Unsung Champion of Civil Rights?
by Jim Britell & Wayne Miller


Goldsmith Through the Years by Waldo Tomosky


Letters of Hunger and Hope by Ted Mills


Word From Siberia, 1919


The Saga of Uncle Ross and the Chickens by Tracy Edwards


From the Journal of Rev. Eleazar Williams


The Battle of Trout River by Jim Lacross


Memories: Ice Cream Memories by Wayne Miller


Memories: Sharing An Ancestral Home by Peggy Roulston


Memories of Mom's Chickens by Theresa McCabe Premo


Memories: On Losing Your Marbles by Jim Lacross


Postcard Glimpses of Franklin County History by Peggy Roulston



Volume 26  (1989)

An Adirondack Carry by John J. Duquette


Dr. Albon Mann (A Physician of Large Practice) by Neil B. Yetwin


The Mann Homestead and Families by Marge Malark


The History of Political Divisions of Franklin County &

the Origin of the Old Military Turnpike by Daniel Gilmore


Not Worth a Dam?  by Louis J. Simmons


The Industrial Press by Marshall H. Desnoyers


Antiquing in Franklin County (A Brief History) by Patricia Rogers


The Worth of Women in the Pre-Industrial Age by Edward S. Tattershall


Life in the North Woods. Dr. Wm. Seward Webb's Nehasane by Mary Ann Tallon


The Birth and Life Expectancy of the St. Regis Canoe Area by Karen Smith


Volume 27  (1990)


A Tribute to All Review Editors On Behalf of the Society


Victuals Recipes from the Editor

Queen of the May(Part I & II) by Ellen Tennyson & Mary Ann Tallon

From Sawmill to Main Street by John J. Duquette


The Weather Observer by David F. Werner


Colonial Airlines (A Hope for Progress 40 Years Ago) by Pete Peterson


Hot Diggity Dog Reporter Learns Glazier's Secret HotDog Recipe by Joe LoTemplio


The New Town Hall (The Story Behind the Building) by Jeanette Hotchkiss


A Nail for Your Thoughts?- The Strange Story of US Coins by Barbara Susan Cross


Wiliam Spooner's Spoonerisms by Sally Bowman

Philander Deming: Burke's Illustrious Court Reporter by Herbert Hallas


Paul Smith and His Hotel: The Saratoga of the Adirondacks by Dave Waite


The Lynch Brothers Store by Diane Taylor


More Words From the Past


Letters and Images from World War One 


Honor Roll of Those who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Memories: The Doctor Meets the Train by John Dalphin


Memories: First Congregational Church: Malone's Signature Building by Jim LaCoss


Memories: Sunday Drives by The FHR Editors


Postcard Glimpses of Franklin County History by Peggy Roulston



Farmer Boy by Miss Dorothy Smith

History of Maple Hill Cemetery by Miss Florence S. Kelly

The Story of Chateaugay, New York by Miss Marion E. Roberts

Orland Vaughan (An Early Contractor) by Miss Bessie Vaughn

Volume I  (1964)


Hose Race Long ago-(September 11, 1874) by Miss Mabel Hawley


Disaster Strikes Twice by Miss Elizabeth Donovan

Paul Smith by Mrs. Geraldine Collins

Chateaugay Chasm by Mrs. June McCoy


Morgan Horses by Mr. J. "Don" Mahoney


Reminiscences of St. Regis Falls by Charles H. Young


John Warrener Gray (An Art Teacher of Long Ago) by Miss Claribel Cantwell


Volume 2  (1965)


Progress Report by Miss Dorothy Smith

Mrs. Chase and the Loon Lake House by Maitland De Sormo

History of Malone Golf Club by Miss Mabel Hawely


Letters of an Early Adirondack Surveyor by George Waldo Flint Smith


History of Adirondack Chapter DAR by Miss Marion E. Roberts


Review of the Book, Our Covered Bridge by Miss Martha Robinson


Reminiscences of An Old Bell by Miss Elizabeth Hawley


Fort Covington, NY by C. Walter Smallman

Volume 3  (1966)


The Black Horse Troop Compiled by Miss Elizabeth Donovan

Favors Motor Fire Truck (Malone Evening Telegram) by Arthur E. McClary

Schroeder of DeBar Pond by Maitland De Sormo


Then and Now (Dec. 3, 1913) by "Old Timer"


Memories of Fifty Years in the North Country(Malone Farmer) by F. L. Turner


Alice Hyde Hospital by G. Berton Davis


Story of the Horse Thieves by Miss Fortana Winters



Volume 4  (1967)


Reminiscences of Chateaugay Lake by Mr. & Mrs. Parsons

Brainardsville by James Dowd

Three Macs of McCollom's by Maitland De Sormo


Tupper Lake by Louis J. Simmons



Volume 5  (1968)


History of the First Congregational Church,

Malone, NY by G. Burton Davis


Early Days in Franklin by Helen Escha Tyler

Brandon, Ghost Town of Franklin County by Geraldine Collins


John Hurd's Railroad by C. Walter Smallman


Naming of Brushton Village by Edgar V. Greene


Santa Clara's Black Friday by Claribal Bruce




Volume 6  (1969)


Trip to Lake Titus (July 1842) by Ashbel Parmelee


History of Lake Titus by Robert F. Hale

Mrs. Kobbe's Million-Dollar Spree by Walter Holmes


History of the Farrar Home by Marion Roberts 


Franklin County  by Floy S. Hyde


Potato Story in Franklin County  by Raida Child & Mabel Leavitt


Goldsmith, Mill Town of Long Ago by Amelia Baumann


Earlville by Grace M. Moe


Reynoldstown, Research and Theory by William Langlois & Robert McGowan


Volume 7  (1970)


Volume 8  (1971)


Railroad History of Franklin County by Lawrence Doherty


Reminiscences of Old Time Railroading by W.H. Bentley

Lake Titus in Winter by Robert F. Hale


Early Days at Rainbow Lake with James Wardner by Walter Wardner 


Rural School of 50 Years Ago  by Sarah R. Koch


A Letter to Grandson, Lawrence S. Friend

(Told to Evelyn Smith) by Lawrence S. Friend


Raquette Falls Lodge by Louis J. Simmons


Man of Many Parts (Charles Boardway) by Elizabeth Donovan


Malone in 1949 (As told by Patrick Clark) by Charles M. Redfield


Volume 9  (1972)


Early Lumbering in Franklin County by Geraldine Collins


Angels of Mercy by Dorothy LaBelle


Historical Notes about the First Baptist Church & Society, Malone,

NY by Karl S. Dewey


The Ursulines and St. Josephs Academy

of Malone, NY by Sister Margaret Mary McMullen 


Uplands  by Daniel Loetterle


Robert Louis Stevenson at Saranac Lake by John J. Duquette


A Packet of Old Letters by Dorothy Smith


From Ox Yoke Days in Franklin County, Onward


My Dad by Elizabeth B. Cantwell


Volume 10  (1973)


William Almon Wheeler by Malone Palladium June 9, 1887


From Ox-Yoke Days in Franklin County, Onward 

Hiram Taylor by C. Walter Smallman 


Franklin County Chalybeate Spring by C. Walter Smallman


Samuel Barnum  by C. Walter Smallman


Dr. Ira Alphonson Darling by Herbert K. Hastings


Country Store Peddle Cart by Herbert K. Hastings


The Road From Yesterday by Dorothy LaBelle


The Story of the Iron Works at "The Forge" Edited by Ralph L. Hoy


Malone- With Pen & Camera by Dorothy Smith


Dr. Webb's Adirondack Railroad by New York Herald (June 1, 1897)


Volume 11  (1974)


A Brief History of Franklin Academy, Malone, NY by G. Berton Davis, Sr.


Pigion's Mill by Mildred McCormick Oeser

History of Trout River by Louise White 


Women's Christian Temperance Union by Robert Maclntyre


Malone Guardsmen  by George Bradish


West Bangor Normandie House by Herbert K. Hastings


Nightmare by Dorothy LaBelle


Trudeau by John J. Duquette


Home Town Boy Makes Good by Mary Ann Tallon


Some Notes on the Classic Cottage by Robert McGowan


Miss Lucia Gilbert, A Personal Recollection by Claribel Cantwell


The Franklin House of History by James Wyman


Volume 12  (1975)


Our Trip to the Museum by "Museum Day" Winning


Hop Raising (Adirondack Forests, Fields, & Mines) by Floy S. Hyde

The Centennial Recalled by Franklin County History Club 


The Case of the Eccentric Millionaire &

The Editor Rambles by Malone Evening Telegram


The Dutch Schultz Trial

(Excerpt from Heydays of the Adirondacks)  by Maitland C. DeSormo


History of the Franklin County Fair by Roy S. Hall


Article with Poem (Wishful Thinking) by Mary Ann Tallon


Franklin County and the War of 1812 by Mazie Hesseltine


A Dream Come True (4-H Camp Overlook) by J. Frank Stevens


Franklin Owl (Genealogical Section) by Genealogy Committee


The Roberts Family-First Settlers of Chateaugay by Marion Roberts


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1830-1831


Volume 13  (1976)


Report of Franklin County Bicentennial Commission by Elizabeth Donovan


Ashton Hall by Herbert K. Hastings

Ballard Mill Restoration by Douglas Kelley 


Constable, NY Bicentennial Community USA by Mary Ann Tallon


Historic Preservation  by Edward S. Tattershall


The Paul Smith's Electric Railway by Dr. Michael Kudish


Our Roots, Our Trunk, & Our Branches by Elizabeth Menke


The Merrill Family Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY by Stephen Morrison


Franklin Owl (Genealogical Section) by Genealogy Committee


The Tattershall Family History by Edward Tattershall


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1831-1833


Volume 14  (1977)


Volume 15  (1978)


Volume 17  (1980)


Seneca Ray Stoddard: Versatile Camera Artist by Maitland C. DeSormo


New Idea Club at Farrar Home by Sarah Earl Hauser 

Northern New York School for the Deaf by Elizabeth Van Schaick 


Earl's Museum by Frances Daily


Florida or Bust  by Charles Perkins


Franklin Owl (Genealogical Section) by Genealogy Committee


Family Reunions 


A Brief History of the Denesha Family by James Denesha


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1838-1840


Volume 18  (1981)


The Unfinished Saga of Tru-Stitch by Benjamin B. Bregman


Introduction to My Childhood Home by Lawrence House

The Gleason Telephone of 1904-1949 by Raida Child 


Martin's Saranac Lake House by John J. Duquette


The History of Temple Bethel 1930-1980  by Dorothy E. Mendelsohn


The Hyde Drug Company by Phyllis Hyde Howard


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1841-1843


The Nephew- Neven Family by James H. Denesha


Volume 19  (1982)


The Early Irish Settlers of Hogansburg, NY by Ann McKinnon


Reminiscences of an Old Time Adirondack

Caretaker-Guide by James C. Brown


Sugaring in Teboville, Whippleville, and Chasm Falls by Evelyn Farley 


The Little Red School House by Mary Ann Tallon


The History of the Malone Band  by Fred A. Bova


Genealogical Resources Available in Malone, NY by Kathryn Badger Murtagh


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1843-1844


The McFaddin Family of Ireland,

Westville, Trout River, & Constable by Pearl LaFayette McFaddin


Volume 20  (1983)


Working in a Camp on Upper St. Regis Lake by Evelyn Farley


Belmont, Franklin County, NY, in 1850 by Stephen C. Morrison


History of School District No. 3,

Constable, NY & Some Early Settlers  by Pearl LaFayette McFaddin 


Malone, New York Occupied 1814 by John Santy


Random Thoughts on Ballard Mill

of Malone, NY  by Margaret Cantwell & Grace Cantwell Lord


Supplement to the History of Malone's

District No.2 Schoolhouse by Mary Ann Tallon



Volume 21  (1984)


Franklin Falls, New York by John J. Duquette


The Public Home of Franklin County by Edward Tattershall


The Remington Heist by Leo Hickey 


Hotel Flanagan by Harold F. Brown


Titus Mountain began as Moon Valley in 1960  by Harold F. Brown


Reminiscences of Moon Valley by Evelyn Farley


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1848-1862

Volume 22  (1985)


Saranac Lake's Winter Carnival by Charles Brumley


Memorial Day by Bruce Callander


Centennial Celebration of the Congregational Church Speech by Harry Upham 


Franklin County & The Great Windfall of 1845 by Charles Brumley


Owls Head (A Microcosm of Change)  by E.M. Thomas


The Family of Alexandre & Emilie Bessette Rollin by James Denesha



Volume 23  (1986)


The Lebanese Community of Tupper Lake by Ellen Nadia Aseel Maroun


Genealogy Charts of the Sixteen Original Lebanese Immigrants

to the Village of Tupper Lake 


The Summer White House  by John J. Duquette 


Poetry by Margaret Tsuda


St. Francis of Assisi Church, Constable, NY  by Pearl McFaddin





Volume 24  (1987)


A Short Resume of St. Mark's Parish, Malone, NY by Edward S. Tattershall


George Witherell (Showman of Burke) by Elaine O'Connor 


"God Bless America  by John T. Ellis 


Chasm Falls (A Change in Perspective) by E.M. Thomas


The Milk Route  by Frances W. Daily





Volume 25  (1988)


Fourth Grade Program at the County Museum


25 Years in Retrospect


Bicentennial of the Constitution 


The F. W. Lawrence Company

(With Early Recollections) by Jane Lockwood Porter


Morgan Family Fields Team of Big Achievers  by Watertown Daily Times


Bobsledding, This Man's Olympic Ticket by Meri-Jo Borzilleri


The Story of the DAR Home


Barber: Cut and Nostalgia by Ed Hayle, Watertown Daily Times Correspondent


Local French Heritage Focus of Exhibit


Historic Stone House Donated to

North Country Community College by Frances Nichols


History of WICY by "Mike" Tackley


Eagle Flies Its Nest by "Mike" Tackley

A Sunmount Story  by John Stock

Early Settlers on the Indian Carry by Janet P. Decker


A Utica-Malone Railroad Trip Remembered 1943-1988 by Carl B. Leland


The Kushaqua Catch by Blanche Whitney Kloman


Franklin County Tourism by Neil Seymour


Another Look at the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights by David W. Minnich


A Perspective on Malone's 1990 News by Malone Chamber of Commerce


Franklin Owl by The Genealogy Department


Cemetery Locations

Volume 28  (1991)


History of the Northwest Bay-Hopkinton Road by Mary MacKenzie


An Early Account of Life in Franklin County by Charles Brumley

E.L. Trudeau Grows the Tubercle Bacillus: Pioneer

American Medical Science in Franklin County  by Mary B. Hotaling

Hired Men by James M. Meagher, Jr.


More on Archimedes Russell, Architect of Malone's,

"Queen of the May" by Mary B. Hotaling


Franklin Owl by Anne Wolfe



Volume 29  (1992, 1993, 1994)


The Connectors of the Rutland Railroad in NYS SUNY Potsdam by Arthur L. Johnson


Interviews of Retired and Active Railroad Workers Done at Malone, NY

on March 27, 1979 by Arthur L. Johnson, SUNY POTSDAM

A Quiet, Shrewd and Industrious Politician, Warren T. Thayer and His Times by Greg Cook

As I Remember Peddling Milk in a Small Village 1926-1943 by Janet C. Turner


Owl's Head Saga by Anne Delisle, 1992


Saranac Lake's Man and His Music by Dorothy LaBelle


The Duane Methodist-Episcopal Church by Linda Biesemeyer


Ice Harvesting on the Farm by James M. Meagher


Volume 30 (1995)


International Explorer Buried in Saranac Lake by Mary B. Hotaling


Chateaugay Fair by Peggy Roulston

Foote School by Alice Cunningham

Chateaugay Memorial Library by Jeanette Hotchkiss


Death Records, 1847-1848 by Elizabeth Fayette


Journal Excerpts - 1929 by Peggy Roulston


Earlville Church by Beverly Cowan


Genealogy Search 


Volume 31 (1996)


Mountain View: Then and Now by Richard Kellerhouse


Paul Smith's by Alice Cunningham

History of the Methodist Church by Richard Wilson

The Hotel Franklin by Gloria Russell


Colonel Frederick F. Wead by Michael L. Lamitie


Jesse Holbrook Recalls Malone Businesses by Malone Evening Telegram, February 16, 1960


Early Pleasure Boats of Franklin County by David J. Mahler


St. Regis Falls Historian's Association by Judy Wever


Frank J. Wood: Tupper Lake Entrepreneur by Beatrice Wood Maroun


Index of Franklin Historical Reviews, 1964-1996


Volume 32 (1997)


A History of Akwesasne by Sue Ellen Dow


Ursuline Sisters: 100 Years of Faith, Love, and Service

in the North Country by Constance Marie Kelly, OSU

Moira Native Swung with Big Bands by Dee Brown

And, to Continue the Story by Linda LaVigne Sprague


New York State Police Troop B 1936-1959 by Harry E. Upham


Ella MacAbee, Retired Schoolteacher Still knows

"You Live Life in Order to Serve" by Kim Gallagher


Return to Jones Pond by Blanche Whitney Kloman


Hot Rod on Skis Introduction by David Mahler


Hot Rod on Skis by Robert Gannon


Bombay by Bombay Historical Society


Volume 33 (1998)


Chateaugay's Early Industires by Peggy Roulston


Chateaugay by William B. Millar

The Flanagan Brother's Dream by Gloria Russell

Clergyman's Pocket Diary and Visiting Book by James W. Vaugh


Malone Homes by Dee Brown


Coopering-The Art of Barrel Making


1872 Rules for Teachers


Volume 34 (1999)


Franklin County Agricultural Society Fr. Co. Fair by Peggy Roulston


Adirondack Mission Work 1919-1924 by Rev. William C. Watson (1972)

County Challenge 

Trout River by Sarah B. Webster


Anna by Anna Batraw Barney


Salmon River Dry for a Day Copied from scrapbook


Winter is Coming by George Cooper


Volume 35 (2000)


Westville-A Glance at the Past by Susan McGibbon Tobias


The Thurbers of Bellmont by Ted Mills

Cantwell's Hall Phyllis Thompson 

History of Churches in Dickinson by Betty Wood


Calvin Coolidge Summer White House Days at

White Pine Camp in Paul Smiths by Florence Ruth Klein




Volume 36 (2001)


Five Founders of Franklin County by Ruth A. Jones Ryan


Phelps Smith Goes to Europe by Ruth Klein Hoyt

The Day the Mountain Cried by E. S. Thomas 

Owney, The Globetrotter, Visits Malone by Gloria Russell


The McKinney's of Bellmont by Ted Mills




Volume 37 (2002)


One Hundred Years Ago by Peg Roulston, Society Historian


Remembering William A. Wheeler on His 184th Birthday by Meagan McCarthy

Growing Up in North Burke by Caroline Swanston Harter 

Teacher's Training Class by Phyllis Thompson


Military and Civilian Leaders in the Rebellion by Kathryn Badger Murtagh




Volume 38 (2003)


One Hundred Years Ago by Peggy Roulston


"Molding Lives": Children's Camps in Franklin County by Hallie Bond

Musings of a Chateaugay Lad  by Robert Miles 

Once More Peace and Quiet Reigns by Abraham Klohs


Two Extant Organs in Franklin County by Ralph B. Hastings


Saturday Morning: An Essay on Ethnicity by Sandi Maroney


A Man of the 98th by Charlotte Degon Carr with James B. Carr


Ballads of the Adirondacks by E. S. Thomas




Volume 39 (2004)


The Salmon River as the Historical Backbone of Malone

and Vicinity by Anne Werley Smallman


100 Years Ago-1905 by Peggy Roulston

The Chateaugay Co-op Era:1937-2003  by Beverly Titus

The Clothesline War by Charlotte Carr


Recollections of Earlier Days in Malone by Karl Sylvanus Dewey


Homespun to Factory Cloth: Nineteenty-Century

Textile Production by Shirley Morgan


Moses Bessette and the Politics of Malone, 1905-1915 by John Bessette


Civil War Letter of William Bell Miles by John Dodge Miles




Volume 40 (2005)


100 Years Ago-1906 by Peggy Roulston


Abolition's Early Roots in Franklin County by Peter Kivic

Homespun to Factory Cloth, Part II: Women's Role 
In the Franklin County Textile Industry  
by Shirley Morgan

First Do No Harm: Historians, Historical Societies,

and Volunteers by Robert W. Arnold II


One Boy From Bangor by Judy Mott Strong


Webster Street Cemetery, Malone, NY by Kathryn Badger Murtagh


Remembrances of Lucia Gilbert by Bill McClary, Ruth Jones Ryan, Claribel Cantwell



Volume 41 (2006)


100 Years Ago-1907 by Peggy Roulston


The First Congregational Church of Malone

in its Bicentennial Year by Anne Werley Smallman

The Rising Political Star of the North Country: 
Bill Wheeler and the 1850 State Assembly Election  
by Herbert C. Hallas


Franklin County Bicentennial Photo Album


The Spinach Knife Memories of 1942

Spinach Harvest at Langdon Farms, Malone by Bill McClary


An Adirondack Immigrant Odyssey French-Canadian

Labor in the Lumber Camps by Carol Payment Poole


Forty-Five Revolutionary War Veterans Buried

in Area Postcards from the Past by Harold F. Brown, Peggy Roulston



Volume 42 (2007)


100 Years Ago-1908 by Peggy Roulston


Franklin County's Line Stores by Larry Gooley


Tupper Lake Junction: A Village Conceived  by Carol Payment Poole


Like a Phoenix: History of the Azure Mountain Fire Tower by Harold F. Brown


Bernice Scott's Story by Barb Bilow


A Star int he Belfry: Some Memories of Teenage Years in the First 

 Congregational Church, Malone, NY in the Late  1930's and early 1940's by Bill McClary


Memoirs and Reminiscences by Allen Hinman, M.D.


In Memory of Wild Bill Memories of Bill Frenette, of Tupper Lake  by Mark Bowie



Volume 43 (2008)


A Memoir of FCHMS History, 2001-2008 by Ted Mills


Reflections of a Nation in Crisis -1861 by Rev. Achbel Parmelee


The "Spring Ryans" of Chateaugay  by Mary Ellen Putnam


Was Grandpa Alex Fleury in Omaha? by Bob Byington 


Franklin County Bicentennial Legacy  by Anne Werley Smallman


The Way We Were by Gertrude Soper, With Joan Soper Dameo


The Dirty Milk Bottle Memories of Benware Creamery, Malone by Bill McClary


Postcards from the Past  by Peggy Roulston


A Closing Benediction on the Salmon River Country by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee



Volume 44 (2009)


1902 Letter about Creating a Historical

Society in Franklin County by William Cantwell


The Arrest of the Flanders Brothers in Malone: Lincoln's Attack

on Freedom of the Press by Herbert C. Hallas


The Dewey Golden Wedding Anniversary of 1873  by William Williamson Paddock


Sansone's Restaraunt by Peggy Roulston 


All That Glitters: The Bronze Powder Works in Malone by E. S. Thomas


Burke, New York by Frieda Schryer Dixon


The History of the Farrar Home by Bill McClary


School Lunch Hours  by Bill McClary


Postcards from the Past by Peggy Roulston



Volume 45 (2010)

The Reluctant Hero of Company "K"  by Jim LaCross


A Personnel Retrospective on Collecting Oral History

40 Years Ago by William J. Langlois and Robert H. McGowan


Reynoldston, New York, Timeline.   by William J. Langlois and Robert H. McGowan


Recollections From Susan Man McCulloch (1818-1898) by Ray and Susan Williams 


Parallel Lines from Quebec: Clement and Louis Courbron by Donald Coulbron King (Roy)


Jail Break- Malone, New York! by John George Moore


Memories: Selling Books  by Bill McClary


Memories: Remembering Santa Clause  by John George Moore





Historical Society Revived (in 1938)   by Peggy Roulston- Society Historian


The Bangor Bicentenial  by Patt S. Hooker, Bangor Town Historian


The Pinsonneaults and Heberts: How to Do Research on 

French-Canadian Families with Franklin County Connections  by Jim and Charlotte Carr


A Civil War Soldier by Carol Payment Poole and Carl Marshall


Constable Smugglers Indicted (Circa 1920)  by Bob Byington


And the Tracks Ran Through it. by Jim LaCross


Memories: The Tenor at Sansone's   by Bill McClary


Memories: The Vault  by Jim LaCross


Memories: The Return of the Native by Dan Riley





Amish Settlements in Franklin County, New York.  by Karen M. Johnson-Weiner


Turning Points in the Lige of William Almon Wheeler  by Herbert C. Hallas


Understanding the French-Canadian Emigration into Northern New York by Jim LaCross


Memories: Boder Music by Peggy Roulston


Memories: WICY by Bill McClary


Memories: Childhood Memories of Growing Up in Malone 


Memories: During World War II


The Malone Trivia Quiz by Jim Lacross 





Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894  by Peggy Roulston


I am the Kitchen Stove   by Prudence Hotaling Mix


The Story of Morningside Cemetery Retold by Jim LaCross


The Influx of Chinamen  by Penalope Clute


Chinese Smugglers Busy from the Malone Palladium, March 1st, 1990 


Quality and Quantity: The County Fair and the Family Farm  by Ted Mills


Old View of Oleo a Reprinted Article by Frank Schryer from the Malone Palladium


The Franklin County Agricultural Society and Its Impact

on Malone and the North Country by Jim Lacross 


Memories G. Berton Davis Sr., G. Berton Davis Jr.


Harris J. Kimball: Growing up in Bruston by Tracy Edwards-Warren







The Namesakes for Franklin County's GAR Posts  by Herbert C. Hallas


Lest We Forget  by Jim LaCross


"I Was Trying To Do My Bit:" Cadet Mourice Milne by Robert H. McGowan


The Degons, From the Pyrenees to Malone: Eight Generations

and Beyond on the Worldwide Web by James B. Carr for Charlotte Degon Carr.


My Aunt Was Engaged to a Bigamist! Uncovering Family Secrets

Using Online Newspapers by Tracy Edwards-Warren






Growing Up in Franklin County 1888-1908 by Warren H. Hinks


Iron- Its Development at Lyon Mountain by Michael O'Keefe

Tupper Lake - Then and Now by Louis J. Simmons 


One Pupil - One Teacher in One Room School by Louise White


Borderline Limited-The Frontier  by Miriam O'Neil


An Ethnic Story- The Irish to 1850 by Elizabeth Donovan


The Hoits of Chateaugay 


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1833-1835


Borderline Limited (Part 2) by Miriam O'Neil


To Be Continued by William J. Slack

Reminiscences of Malone 1920-1924 by Alice Geer Kelsey


Ode to the Cedars by William P. McClary


Bootlegging- A Way of Life  by C. Walter Smallman


Gavel by Edward Tattershall


The Hermit of Ampersand Mountain by Seaver Miller Rice


Maguire Family History by Rev. Frederick P. Shue


The Legacy by Mary Ann Talon


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1835-1836


Volume 16 (1979)


Historical Outreach by Rosemary Luhr


Head Over Wheels by Elizabeth Donovan

Echoes From the Past compiled by Charles Perkins


The End of a Perfect Day by Clarence S. Dufore


The Fenian Raid 1866-1870  by Harold F. Brown


The Dewey Family History by Karl Dewey


Harrietstown by John J. Duquette


Bemis Family by Elizabeth Menke


Marriages Performed by Rev. Ashbel Parmelee, 1837-1838


Volume 46 (2011)


Volume 47 (2012)


Volume 48 (2013)


A Trip to Lake Meacham by Dave Waite

From Ringville to Owls Head by Waldo Tomosky

Company K - 100 Years Ago in the "Great War" Edited by Martha Gardner

Spanish Influenza in Franklin County 1918-1919 by John Dalphin

Wash Day by Jim Lacoss

Postcard glimpses of Franklin County History by Peggy Roulston

The Home Front by FHR Editors



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